Friday, 13 November 2009

Source Project

The Source Project:

  • Was able to draw a wide range of interests which included mythological beasts, undead and fairytale creatures, gods and reptiles.
  • Praticed using a white pen on black marker and was pleased with the results (see below for examples).
  • Mixed observational drawings with illustrations constructed from how I pictured certain things in my imagination.


  • Time management was a factor that stunted the quality of a majority of the drawings. I spent more time on the first few illustrations before realising I couldn't spend the same amount of alloted time on the remaining images.
  • Could have been more colourful in my approach perhaps?

I loved this project, especially after the hell of the cabaret project prior. I had a chance to present the things that inspire my love of illustration while also getting across my personal style. I think my collection of 50 drawings was a strange but very honest portrayal of what I like to draw. I'd have liked to given each image the same level of quality that the first few received, but saying that, some of the basic line drawings have a strong look to them too.

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