Thursday, 2 December 2010

Update on 'Fact' Project

Along time, no talk.

Since my last post I've been researching the hell out of the Tyrannosaurus and have come up with a decent list of facts I feel are interesting and lesser known to the public.

I've really been enjoying the project and have made good use of my time, having already started my final outcome. I've chosen to create a comic strip across five A3 sheets. I'm using black indian ink applied via a nib pen over penciled layouts. It's my first time using one but the process is alot of fun, albeit time consuming and at times repetitive.

I've finished the first sheet and should hopefully have enough time to finish the next four before my crit. Hopefully. I've written up a 'script' for the characters involved in the comic strip so all I have to do is copy it to paper. The comic's style is slightly inspired by the Horrible History books with their comedic characters depicting historical events. Looking at the content I've produced I'd say I've settled on a child/young teen audience.

Below is a drawing I did in similar vein to Peter Blegvad's 'lion' shown to us in the fact brief. I've also done an imagined image and quite a few observed drawings, but this one is fresh from this afternoon's lecture.

What? I got bored. At least I did something productive!

More coming soon...