Monday, 17 August 2009

10 images I like for some kind of reason

1) I'm not sure if this first image is real or digitally created but the lightning contrasted with the black shadows create an intense and visually impressive sight. The setting of a storm in a desert is also a rare thing to witness and makes the picture all the more unique.

2) This is a photo of a puddle reflecting street lights but it also looks like something evil staring up from the pavement. Art that uses this kind of perception manipulation leaves me amazed at how random occurences and placements of objects can create a completely seperate entity.

3) Creating weird and wonderful creatures on paper is a guilty pleasure of mine. Finding examples of such creations like this one, inspires me to be more outlandish within my own designs.
4) This sleeping T-rex is one of many illlustrations I've found by accident on the internet and instantly liked. It's fan art for Jurassic Park and the clever use of the treeline's silhouette against red and yellow is taken directly from the franchise's logo. I really enjoy combining pencil sketches with colour - like this drawing illustrates - because it strengthens the colours used.
5) I like to think I have a wide sense of humour. Literal humour can be very funny and also greatly disturbing. This is one such example.

6) A photo of my hand covered in ink. It's not an actual tattoo I just get bored and enjoy drawing random patterns on myself and others. Paper shouldn't be the only thing I'm restricted to doodle on! This is the only example I could find of one of my hand doodles.

7) This photo is from a friend who visited Hawaii recently. Amazing landscapes like this inspire me to draw my own. This kind of imagery is also very different from my usual dark and sinister work; it's nice to have a change to freshen things up.
8) This is an illustrated cover from 'The Darkness' graphic novel. 'The Darkness' is one of my favourite comics for both the many talented illustrators and writers that work on it. The story arcs are rich in plot, character detail and unpredictable twists. It's disturbing themes and dark atmosphere are easy to see in the image i've chosen.

9) This is Eliza Dushku. She played the character of Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Faith is one of my favourite all time fictional characters purely for the fact she represents a heroine with blatant flaws. Making her seem more human than most of the normal characters in the show even if she does makes it hard for people to like her. I chose this image because it's an engaging and strong picture of the actress in my opinion.

10) This image is a printscreen from my laptop while I was on It's basically a chatroom/digital art site where you can join a room and draw something based on whatever the topic is. The room I was in here was intially devoted to South Park fan art but the common users tend to go off on tangents and this was one of their...diverse creations. I love this image simply for the fact it shows artistic people enjoying the freedom of their imaginations.