Monday, 31 May 2010

Elizabeth Bathory Biopic

So here's the finished product. I've had some nice comments on it so far so that's reassuring. I feel quite happy with the outcome. Maybe some parts could of been improved (the 3 stills of the servant girl being slapped is hard to see compared to the rest of the frames) and I do feel the animation seems short, but I met the one minute target so I'm not too worried.

She doesn't look so scary.

Here are some reference images on Bathory. Although there is alot of fan-based art an imagery on this oddly beloved woman there are few original images of her.

A long overdue posting

Here are some stills from my biopic on Elizabeth Bathory the murdering Hungarian Countess. My time with her has been pleasant. Mostly disturbing and traumatic though.

Really need to update this blog on a regular basis too. Bad Mike.
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