Thursday, 26 May 2011

Holy crap I haven't put anything about Macmillan on here! Bad Mike. Well long story short - didn't win. Anything. was a fun project to do...albeit getting slightly boring near the end and not managing to finish all 12 double page spreads by the deadline.

But dragons were involved so at least I enjoyed myself.

It did start off as monsters but the theme of the story stayed the same - Baby BLANK keeps trying to eat BLANK, parent BLANKS tell baby BLANK not to.

And repeat twelve times.

I kept it simple because it was aimed at such a low age group and yet tried to maintain my own usual work style. I was happy with the results. Macmillan less so. But it hasn't deterred me from entering again next year.

Here are some sneak peeks below, I'll try to scan the three complete spreads when I can.

Initial character drawings.

A story board that didn't quite work out.

A rough of one of the spreads.

The finished front cover of my book design.