Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sign 1 Project

Sign 1


  • Really enjoyed creating my own land/island. Found that I managed to take alot of my beliefs in illustration and recreate it through this landscape.
  • Used alot of colour with liquid watercolours - a medium I rarely use. Happy with results.
  • Was an insightful experience in map making and the naming of places in relation to subject matter i.e - my collection of 50 drawings.


  • Needed better time management to create a map with greater detail/ a more extensive key.
  • Could of created alot more place names for the map.

I've always had an interest in creating civilizations and environments for them to exist and prosper in so this project was one I entered into eagerly. Although I think my map could of been alot more refined and complex with extra time or clearer critical thinking. For example large expanses of the map are just one colour. Although the colours contrast sharply and bring the map to life, its still a shame theres not more detail or range in tone to give the image greater depth.

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